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Korean Blue Taco

2 soft blue corn tortillas, Asian slaw, sriracha lime dressing, pickled cucumber.


Pork                 8.5         

Beef                  8.5         

Chicken           8.5

Jack-fruit         8.5 vg                                         

Tofu                 8.5 vg                             

Korean bbq chicken wings w/ spring onions & sesame seeds  7

Crispy squid w/ lime & tajin pepper 6 

Deep-fried anchovy & whitebait  6

Barbecue ribs w/ sriracha slaw  7       

Thai-style banana blossom "fish-cakes" w/ sweet chilli 6 vg               

Grilled aubergine w/ sweet chilli & miso  5 vg                   

Teriyaki mackerel w/ pickled ginger  7

Wasabi battered prawns w/ citrus mayo  6 

Crispy pork belly w/ pickled cucumber, soy & chilli dip  8 

Marinated skirt steak w/ kimchi & pickled aubergine  8

Hand-cut fries    4 vg                    

Sweet potato fries w/ miso mayo  4 vg                   

Spiced rice w/ carrot & beetroot  4 vg    

Tender stem broccoli  w/ sesame & garlic 4 vg

Sticky sesame cauliflower  4 vg

Asian slaw  3 vg 

Smacked cucumber 3 vg

Kimchi 3 vg


Blue corn nachos w/ bKorean black beans & chimichurri

Takoyaki style crispy oyster mushrooms 6 vg


Crispy panko-style bananas w/ miso caramel 5 vg

Green tea sticky toffee pot  5 vg     

Ice Cream 4 vg 

Sorbet  4 vg                                    

Our entire menu is gluten & dairy-free

vg = vegan

Please ask staff for information on allergens

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Passion fruit Daiquiri (rum, triple sec, lime, passion fruit) 6

Ginger Espresso Martini (vodka, kahlua, espresso, ginger) 6

Fiery Cosmo (vodka, triple sec, chilli, lime, cranberry) 6

Lychee Tom Collins (Gin, lime, lychee, tonic) 6

Mango Margarita (tequila, triple sec, lime, mango) 6


Tap (1/2 pint) 

Adnams Dry Hop Lager 4.2%        2

Kobold English lager 4.7%              2

Mosaic Pale Ale 4.1%                       2            


Bottle 33cl 

Peroni 5.1%                                         3.5                                 

Asahi 5%                                             3.5

Corona Extra 5%                                3.5

Sam Adams Boston lager 4.8%        3.5        

Aspalls draught cyder 5.5%             3.5 

Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5%     (50cl)  3.5

Bitburger Drive 0.05%                      3.5         



Il Caretto, Malvesia (Italy) 12        

Petit Ballon, Colombard (France)   12  

Adnams Chardonnay (Chile)  12

Adnams Viognier (France) 12

Il Baroccio Rosso (Italy) 12

Petit Ballon Rouge (France)  12

Paparuda Pinot Noir (Roumania) 12

Sole Bay Malbec (Argentina) 12

Pinot Grigio Rosé (Italy) 12

Petit Ballon Rosé (France) 12


Adnams Prosecco (Italy) 15

Adnams Champagne (France) 25

Fruit Mocktails      3

Soft drinks

San Pellegrino - Lemon or Orange & pomegranate (cans) 2

Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Beer (cans) 2 

Americano, espresso, cappuccino, latte, flat white, decaf              2

Tea, peppermint, green, earl grey, chamomile, red berry, decaf    2

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